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TK ComCom: performance data that helps you win business

Picture the scene: you’re with a prospect or customer looking to sign the deal, but they’re not committing. The reasons why could be due to any number of issues, including price or timeframe etc.

But then there’s the ‘c’ word: choice – especially if there are competing products from rival vendors in the mix.

When this is the case the pressure is on for your sales rep to demonstrate the superiority of what you’re offering over the competition – which is where credible facts and figures can prove vital.

TK ComCom: comparison data at your fingertips

The good news: you already have all the information comparing Thermo King technologies with rival products – via the TK ComCom sales tool.

This may come as news to you, or you may already be a frequent (and therefore delighted) user. Either way, by accessing TK ComCom you’ll find a treasure trove of performance data. Information that compares individual Thermo King products with those of the main competitors, with metrics that include:

  • On-road capacity
  • (Electric) stand-by capacity
  • Refrigerant and total GWP
  • Heating capacity
  • Airflow and distribution
  • Weight
  • Efficiency on stand-by

Going head-to-head with the competition

TK ComCom provides precise numbers on both single and multi-temperature units that can be shared with prospects and customers. That includes performance insights relating to specific capabilities for products designed to compete with each other – alongside the calculated variance between them.

Plus we’ve got all the major players covered, including:

  • For SLXi, comparisons exist with both Carrier (Vector range) and Schmitz Cargobull (TKM)
  • For the new UT-Series, we have a comparison with the Supra U
  • For the T-Series, we compare against a wide range of Supra models
  • For the V-Series, you’ll find products from both Carrier (Xarios, Pulsar, and Zephyr) and Zanotti (Zer0°) placed under the microscope
  • For the Ce-Series, we compare against a variety of Viento products from Carrier
  • For the B-Series, our technology is measured against both Carrier (Neos) and Zanotti (Zer0°)

Gaining the sales edge

With TK ComCom comes better insights, and real world performance data to help you prove to customers that you’re offering the best technology on the market. Constantly updated with the latest specifications, the tool is also available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian).

Not that it’s finished there. With TK ComCom you can also compare two products, export the comparison, and save it as a PDF on your computer. As a result you’ll have the results available to send via email to any potential customer to help aid their final decision.

We like to think of it as the simple way to click, compare, and convince:

  • Stand yourself out from the crowd with the data that customers really value
  • Actively show the superiority of your offering in any sales scenario
  • Win more, win often, and empower your sales team

Compare your way to more sales

Ready to go armed to your next sales meeting with the facts and figures to win over even the most cautious of potential customers? Want practical evidence that you’re selling the best equipment on the market, alongside the ability to show how this translates into real business benefits versus the competition?

Then access the TK ComCom sales tool and get comparing!
(Keep your Infocentral username and password ready.)

Access the TK ComCom tool